• Paper Workbook Getting Smarter!

The teachers and parents are finding it increasingly hard to provide their wards with a math textbook that covers their entire math curriculum.


Because there are not enough math workbook fully aligned to the Common Core State Standard!

Even the textbooks that do comply with the CCSS standards are found to be bulky and at times boring… Simply because they are non-interactive.

While there is an option to use digital math workbooks, the distractions are just too many to concentrate on the task at hand.

That’s why our renowned math professors have compiled the K-Math Workbook for sixth grade students that is fully aligned and strictly organized to CCSS.

K-Math Workbook covers the entire 6th grade syllabus in just 80 pages and offers a ton of additional practices.

This slim workbook will allow students to concentrate on learning their entire math syllabus without going overboard or boring at any time.

What’s more is that as a student, you can also scan book’s QR code on any Smart device to unlock new practices, submit your answers and get instant feedbacks like grades, correct answers, solution steps, additional practices, and diagnosis reports.

Let your kids find their way to the math success. With K-Math Workbook.

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